Heuchera are a favorite among gardeners for their evergreen foliage, and their perennial nature. Growing mostly in shaded or filtered light locations also make them a great addition to gardens that are shadier, or gardens that are under higher vegetation. They come in a variety of colors, from deep reds, to greens, and even soft silver-greens. Being an evergreen plant allows them to offer color and foliage to your garden, even during the fall and winter months, long after much of the other plants have faded.

Also known as ‘Coral Flower’ or ‘Coral Bells’, Heuchera has a beautiful flower in addition to its attractive foliage. Flowers form on long spikes, growing anywhere from 12” to 18” above the plants leaves, and the blooms are shades of white, pink, or red. The flowers form in small clusters all along the spikes, resulting is a beautiful cloud-like appearance above the center of the plants. Blooming in late spring and early summer, Heuchera add color and interest to a space long before many other flowers have bloomed in the garden. They can survive in a wide variety of soil types, and are great for borders and landscaping. They have a compact nature, and do gradually get larger as each season goes by, usually reaching a width of two feet across, at which time that can be separated, and replanted to produce further. This process can then be repeated once the new plant has reached its maximum width again, usually every two to three years.

An easy plant to care for, Heuchera flourish in soil that has higher levels of compost or organic material, and prefer a soil mixture that will retain some moisture between watering. They enjoy filtered light areas of the garden or partial shade, but some specific varieties can take full sun. They are cold hardy, and require little to no maintenance during the winter months, making them a great selection for low maintenance gardens.

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