Gardening with Sunpatiens

Sunpatiens are very similiar to New Guniea Impatiens and fairly new to the garden community. The plants are an incredibly easy plant to grow and make even the most novice gardeners into talented horticulturalists. They provide an endless show of color in sun or shade during the spring and the summer, and it makes the perfect contribution to a hanging basket, landscape bed or other container. The color variation is numerous with many shades of pinks, purples, reds and white. There are also three growth habits to choose from – compact, spreading, and vigourus. The Agricultural Society classifies this easy, beautiful flower as an annual in all but the tropical areas of the USA.

How To Grow Your Sunpatiens

The process is incredibly simple, with these easy-to-accomplish steps.

Step One: Planting Depth

Best planting depth is even with the soil level currently being grown in. Plants that are planted too deep will develop stem and root rot quickly.

Step Two: Watering Correctly

Sunpatiens require frequent watering, especially when grown in containers. Many times plants may become completely dehydrated and lay flat to the soil. Be carefull not to water during peak heat of the day, as it may burn foliage.

Step Three: Fertilize Consistently

Next, the addition of a slow-release fertilizer during the planting time can help improve success. Continue to add small amounts of fertilizer to the soil on a monthly basis to prolong the release of nutrients. Also using a liquid fertilize while watering once or twice a week can help the plant grow strong and beautiful. Avoid fertilizers with excessive amounts of phosphorus.

Step Four: Keep It Trim

Finally, make sure you trim the plant regularly. These cutbacks will help the plant look vibrant, and they stimulate new growth. Randomly trimming one-third of the plant each week leaves the plant looking good and stimulating new growth at the same time.

Things You Need To Consider

The plant will likely not need any deadheading during its seasonal blooming. The general preference for growing this beautiful and easy plant is in containers. However, gardeners are encouraged to try growing sunpatiens in their ground or landscape beds. The process tends to be slightly different. Instead of watering so consistently, it is imperative to note that plants in the ground require significantly less supplemental water. Sunpatiens appear to be deer resistant and have very few disease or pest problems.

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