• Rather easy to grow
  • While blooming all season
  • Also loves full sun

Calibrachoa is popular among gardeners and landscapers due to its soft green foliage, bright and constant blooms. Its ability to rebound from drought conditions with minimal damage to the plant itself makes it an easy plant for beginning gardeners. If you’re looking to fill out a container or hanging basket, then this plant is all up to the job!


Belonging to the same family as peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes; Calibrachoa is a member of the Solanaceae family. Native to South America, it is known for small trumpet shaped blooms that come in a range of colors. It is often confused for a type of petunia because of its similar bloom shape.


Calibrachoa enjoy well draining soil, and prefer to be left to dry out moderately between watering. If the plant does become too dry, the blooms and buds may perish, while wet soil can lead to root rot disease. Calibrachoa need full sun to reach their best potential.

A magnificent plant for hanging baskets and containers with its natural trailing habit. Dead heading or removing the spent blooms, encourages new blooms to develop. Their stems, which radiate outward from the center of the plant, span approximately 12 inches. They are one of the most prolific plants that you will have in your garden, and are great plants to have for areas with full sun and heat.

Growth Habit

Plant growth habits are either trailing or mounding. Trailing calibrachoa will generally not exceed 6″ tall, while mounding types can reach 18″.

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